The Trails

Trail One

Visit Natural Fare Herbs, Green Meadows Beef, Juno Gin and Egmont Honey

Trail Two

Visit Proof and Stock Coffee, Egmont Seafoods, Billow Bakery and Giles Chocolatier

Trail Three

Visit Maison Aotearoa Charcuterie, LWF Rum Distillery, Kaitake Farms and eMacadamia

Trail Four

Visit the Theoretical Brewer, Texas BBQ Foods, Little Liberty Creamery and Love Lavender

What People Say

Absolutely love to go again! In fact I would go again tomorrow! 

I found all the businesses really interesting and they have worked so hard to make each one a success

This was a great event and a great way to find out about other food producers that are right under our noses and not so well advertised

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