Saturday 21 May

9.00am - 4.30pm


Includes transport, lunch, tours and tastings

Kaitake Fresh Creamery

Layne and Helen’s boutique herd graze on the fresh pastures at the base of the Kaitake ranges. Fresh, whole milk straight from the farm – nothing added, nothing removed, just as nature intended

Matarata Downs

This 465 hectare farm was the Supreme Winner of the Taranaki Ballance Farm Environment Awards in 2019.

MataRata Downs is a sheep and beef property, with family history on the land since 1946.  The Waitara River borders this scenic farm with diverse land types. Here you will try some beautiful lamb and learn about the operation from the 2 generations -the Hockens and Coogans

Ísey Skyr

A delicious dairy product, Ísey Skyr is made with more than three times the amount of milk that goes into typical yoghurts, which ensures its exceptionally high level of protein. Unique to Iceland with a recipe over 1,000 years old,  the Bolton’s farm and processing plant is the first place in the Southern Hemisphere to produce this great tasting healthy product

Lunch Venue - Te Popo Farm

This was the site for the No 1 TRC Farm Plan in 1991, 30 years on this farm demonstrates a revolutionary approach to land care.  Over a delicious lunch with food from the farm and locally sourced produce prepared by Sashil, you will hear from Jeremy about what has been achieved