Trail 3


Saturday 14 May

10.00am - 4.30pm


Includes transport, lunch, tours and tastings

Maison Aotearoa Charcuterie

Bonjour, lovers of fine food.  After living 14 Years in France, Mike and Julie are making French delicacies like Pates and Rillettes. They will soon produce Confits, Ventreche, and Jambon de Taranaki.  Bon appetite

LWF Rum Distillery

Born out of a passion for flavour, Janet’s  award winning Rum Distillery is based in Oakura, a beautiful peaceful setting to learn about rum and taste some of the range. The LWF Distilling range includes White, Rhubarb, Spiced White, Feijoa Rums and a cheeky Limoncello

Coastal Market Garden

A small scale market garden located 20 minutes outside of New Plymouth, growing a wide range of spray free fruits and vegetables. The coastal conditions and warm microclimate make it possible to sow seeds and harvest produce year-round

Bees R Us

This is no ordinary beekeeping enterprise. Fiona and Stephen’s operation is a family affair that takes care of the whole process from hive to sealing the lids on the honey pots

Malva Chocolate

In the coastal village of Ōākura, Malva Chocolate makes handcrafted delicacies with ethically sourced, mostly organic, fair trade, natural ingredients.

Lunch Venue - Black Sands Oakura

A Napoli style pizza restaurant with incredible ocean views in Oakura