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The Trails


Trail One

Visit Juno Gin, Natural Fare Herbs, The Unbaked Bakery and Egmont Honey

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Trail Two

Visit Proof and Stock Coffee, Egmont Seafoods, Billow Bakery and Giles Chocolatier

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Trail Three

Visit Maison Aotearoa Charcuterie, LWF Rum Distillery, eMacadamia and Kaitake Fresh Creamery

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Trail Five

Visit Marcel's Pancakes, Kairau Vineyard, Peihana Farm and the Old Town Hall Cafe for Traditional Scones

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Trail Seven

Visit Forgotten 43 Brewing, Eltham Honey, Fenton Street Gin & Vodka, Baked by Blanche and Goldbush Micro Farm

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Trail Four

Visit Texas BBQ Foods, Little Liberty Creamery, Theoretical Brewer and Sentry Hill Citrus 

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Trail Six

Visit Knead Artisan Donuts, Black Gates, Three Sisters Brewery and Krakin Chillies

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Sunday-BBQ & Brews

Visit Forgotten 43 Brewing, Shining Peak Brewery, Mike's Brewery, The Theoretical Brewer and Three Sisters Brewery with lunch at Texas BBQ Foods